Giannis Haritantis is an author and academic of Pontic Greek descent from Drama in Greece. He studied Physics at the University of Thessaloniki and later majored in Electronics. For many years he was Professor of Electronics at the University of Patras. His first literary work was titled Οδός Ευξείνου Πόντου (2008) and since then he has made numerous contributions to our website.



Sam Topalidis has extensively researched the history and culture of Pontos, Asia Minor and the Caucasus since 2000.  He has published over 12 well-researched and well-referenced articles on Pontos all of which are located on the PontosWorld website as well as other Pontic websites and blogs. He is also the author of his own family story, A Pontic Greek History which includes a summary of the history of Pontos. Sam has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and a Masters of Science degree.


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