Giorgos Kougioumtzidis (Γιώργος Κουγιουμτζίδης) better known as Georgoulis (Γεωργούλης) was a very talented Pontian lyra (kemence) player and singer from Greece (Κρύα Βρύση-Γιάννιτσα). He was from the Kars region of Pontos.  Nicnamed 'Παππού' (Grandfather) by his adoring fans, he rose to prominence with his eclectic lyra playing ability, a skill which he passed on to his son Andreas Kougioumtzidis.
He has released various albums and has played alongside all the greats in Pontian music. He passed away in August 2007 and is regarded as the last of the old time Pontian lyra players to have graced Pontian music.




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