Located at Cape Jason (Grk: Ιασώνειον, Trk: Yason Burnu), along one of the most picturesque locations on the Black Sea coast between Fatsa and Ordu, is a Greek Orthodox church, the Jason Church (Yason Kilisesi). The place is named after Jason who moored his vessel (the Argo) here with his Argonauts on their voyage to find the Golden Fleece. The church which is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, was built in 1869 and is believed to have been built on the ruins of an older temple. 

The church was in ruins only a few years ago, without a roof and in general disrepair. Today it stands restored thanks to the efforts of Enis Aniar, a local of Ordu. One day Enis noticed bus loads of people, the majority of whom were priests, disembarking and entering the church, lighting candles and praying inside. As a local he felt embarrassed that the local authorities had allowed the church to fall into such a poor state. So much so that he approached the local governor who agreed that the church had to be repaired. Within three days the area around the church was cleared of all rubbish and then rocks were brought in from Kesaria. Within six months the church had been restored and was ready to accept guests as a museum. For Enis, restoring the church was not about what religion the building belonged to. It was about respecting that the building was a place of worship and a natural treasure.