List of the Greek settlements of ΟΙΝΟΗ - OINOY

Τμήμα Οινόης - Section Oinoy
Οινόη - Oinoy
Κερίς - Keris
Κιρέζτεπε - Kireztepe
Μέλποχλου - Melpokhlou
Μπογμαλίκ - Bogmalik
Ντίζμεσε - Dizmese
Τσιλάρ - Tsilar
Τσοκτσέ - Tsoktse
Χινιάρ (Εχπάρογλου) - Hiniar (Ekhparoglou)

Τμήμα Τέρμε - Section Terme
Τέρμε - Terme
Λιμάντερε - Limantere
Ντερέμπασι - Derembasi
Τσάγκερις - Tsagkeris
Τσοράχ - Tsorakh

This list of the Greek villages of Pontus (or villages where Greeks resided) was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) which is based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism, Christos Samouilidis, Thessaloniki 1992.

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