A list of the Greek villages of Pontus.



Γενίκοϊ - Yenikoy
Γιάτζουλα (ή Γιατζόγλου) - Yiatzoula (or Yiatzoglou)
Σένια - Senia
Σουλεϊμανλί - Souleymanli


This list of the Greek villages of Pontus (or villages where Greeks resided) was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) which is based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. The list comprises the villages from the 37 regions of Pontus.

Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism Christos Samouilidis. Thessaloniki 1992.







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