Kromni (Grk: Κρώμνη, Trk: Krom) is a town located in the province of Chaldea and the region of Trebizond (today Trabzon) some 60km from the Black Sea. It's located on the mountain Paryadres east of the Pontic alps some 2000m above sea level. To the north it borders onto Matsouka and the village Larahani, to the east  Santa, to the south Yemora and to the west Partin, Varenou and Mousanton. Many rivers that empty into the Black Sea have origins in Kromni.

Administratively it was sub-administered (kaimakam) by Toroul with its seat at Ardassa and was governed (moutaseriff) at Argyroupolis. Ecclesiastically it belonged in the Metropolis of Chaldea with its seat at Argyroupolis.

By the second half of the 19th century Kromni comprised approxiately 6000 people. Just prior to the exchange (1923) there were only 250 living there. The majority of its residents were Christians from sea-side towns who fled from the Turks following the fall of Trebizond in 1461. The region was divided into 15 settlements some small and some large and included 12 churches and 1 school.  Up until 1914 there were no Turks living in Kromni.
The 15 settlements of Kromni were:
Siamananton, Mantzanton, Franganton, Glouvena, Zemperekia, Siehnanton, Alithinos, Mochora,
Saranton, Kodonanton, Rakan, Tsachmatanton, Roustanton, Nanak and Loria.


The church of Saint Theodore, Lykast, Kromni. Source


The church of Saint Christophoros, Lykast, Kromni. Source

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