Cabbage and Beans - Λάχανα με φασούλ(ε)α


1 1/2 kilo black cabbage (collard greens/kale)
1/2 kilo red beans
5-6 tablespoons corn flour
1 onion and oil to fry the onion
salt- pepper (and garlic if you want)
1 tablespoon concentrated tomato purée


2. Soak the beans in warm water for several hours and then boil them. After boiling them for a second time, add the stems of the cabbages to soften them. The cabbage should be washed 2-3 times prior.


3. When the beans and the stems are soft enough, add the cabbage and also water if necessary. Then add the corn flour which has had water added to it. Mix well to avoid clotting. Simmer for less than an hour.


4. Just before the food is ready, heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onions (and garlic if you want). When the onion is transparent, add the concentrated tomato purèe rarefied in water and simmer. When it 's ready, add it to the food and in a few minutes it's ready to consume.


Recipe courtesy: Masterchef santetsa

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