How to Dance Tik Diplon [Video Tutorial]

The Tik Diplon is danced in a clockwise direction in a closed circle with arms bent at the elbows. It has 10 steps. The dance is based on the Tik which is the foundation of about 30 Pontic dances. The Tik Diplon is sometimes called the Tik so Gonaton (Tik of the Knee) since the knee bends during the dance. In the Livera region of Pontus the dance was called T'apan ke 'ka, meaning from the top to the bottom in reference to the movement of the arms however this feature of the dance was lost.

The current form of the dance was created in Greece in the 1960's when Pontic dancers began adding extra moves to dances. The Tik Diplon is the Tik Monon with additional move. The dance is always danced to music with vocals. The accompanying musical instruments can include the kemenche, violin, kemane, clarinet, oud, bagpipe, flute and zurna. The term Tik comes from the Turkish word dig which means to stand vertically.

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