Sevastos Kiminitis (1630-1702)

Sevastos Kiminitis (Grk: Σεβαστός Κυμινήτης) was born in 1630 in a village close to Trebizond* named Kimina (Grk: Κύμινα/Κυμήνη). He learnt his first words at a school there, and later continued his studies in Constantinople. At the Patriarchal Academy in Constantinople he was taught by Ioannis Karyofillis and Alexander Mavrokordatos. Later he was to teach at the same school, and between the years 1671-1682 he was the principal of the school.

In 1682 he left Constantinople and moved to Trapezunta to become principal of the city's Tuition Centre , a school which he is regarded as founding. At the time, the school had only 20 students. With the help of Archimandrite Chrysanthos Notaras and Serban Cantacuzenus who contributed financially, the renovation of the Tuition Centre was made possible. According to some sources, Cantacuzenus was the tutor of Kiminitis' son George.

Kiminitis wrote many pieces of work, however few were published. He wrote over 100 anecdotal pieces. He associated himself with literature, philosophy, letter writing and also dogmatics. He paraphrased and translated works into Modern Greek for his students. Some of these he dedicated to Constantin Brancoveanu and have an ethical/admonitory character to them. Kiminitis considered these helpful in the teaching of politics, something which Brancoveanu would have found beneficial in his position of authority.

Around 1689 he took on the position of principal at the Hagemonic Academy of Bucharest at the request of Constantin Brancoveanu, a position he held until his death in 1702. He is regarded as passing on a very disciplined teaching style, something which was highly valued in Rumanian society.

* - another source states his birthplace as being the village Chotza (Χοτζά) east of Trebizond. 




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