Georgios Valavanis

Georgios Valavanis was born in Kerasunta, Pontus. He was the publisher of the newspaper titled ‘Aritias', a newspaper which he published from the publishing house of Armenian Vahan Pelagian. As a result of the dedication to his newspaper and his ethnicity, he was sentenced to death along with other notable Greeks of Pontus. After the Exchange of Populations (1923), he contributed to many newspapers and periodicals by publishing material on the postwar problems of his people.

His most monumental body of work was his book titled ‘The Contemporary General History of Pontus' (Η Σύγχρονος Γενική Ιστορία του Πόντου) which was published in 1925 and covered in quite detail what the Greeks of Pontus endured during the genocide years and the subsequent Exchange.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Pontian Hellenism. Malliaris Paedia


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