The Monastery of Saint George, Choutoura (Hudra, Alemdar)

st george hudra

The Monastery of St. George Choutoura (c. 1950's).

Situated about 4km south of Argyroupolis (Tr: Gümüşhane) and 2 km west of the river Kanis (Tr: Harşit Çayı) is the Monastery of St. George Choutoura (Hudra, today Alemdar, Gr: Χουτουρά). The monastery was the leading monastery of the region of Chaldia after 1624. Its 18th century katholikon was replaced by a splendid structure in 1883. Only the ruins of the monastery exist today. The origins of the monastery are quite likely medieval. It is situated opposite a sacred cave in a cliff face.

The monastery prospered during the 18th and 19th centuries when the local silver mines were thriving. Anthony Bryer states that the Stratikebas family founded the Choutoura monastery and claimed descent from the Kabazites.

The ruins of an old church at Alemdar (Choutoura), possibly that of Saint George.


A native of Choutoura sent us the pictures in this article and mentioned that Choutoura comprised 3 churches. A second church, which is pictured below is believed to have been for ladies (see top right of below photo).  It's also believed that a 3rd church existed in Choutoura and was located atop a mountain between Choutoura and Old Gümüşhane. There is a ruin there and it is unsure whether this is the 3rd church in question. The name of this place is called Yelli Kilise (church in the wind). There was also a village situated behind Choutoura called Mavrangel.

 A church (top right) believed to be for ladies.

More about this church can be found here.

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