Lavashia (Λαβάσια)

Lavash or Lavashin, (in plural, Lavashia) is a wide, flat and thinly made type of bread widely consumed in Pontus and still popular among Pontic Greeks today. It was usually made in an oven at the same time as making bread, but also made on a satz'. The delicacy was often served during the wake of a funeral.


- 1 kg flour
- Salt
- Water


Place the flour in a cooking basin and add an appropriate amount of salt and water in order to make a dough which - whilst kneading - is similar in consistency to the dough made for bread. Then, cut the dough and make them into small balls. First open them out with a rolling pin (hlaou) then further with your hands, moulding them into thick round discs. Cook them on a satz or a non-stick frying pan. Immediately serve.

The satz' (or satzin) is the Pontian cooking pan. It's made of iron and is placed on top of an open fire. It's used to cook flat layers of dough. The Pontian rolling pin is called a hloau.

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