Argyroupoli (Tr: Gümüşhane) is a town and province situated 70km south of Trabzon and 1300m above sea level. It was the capital of the Diocese of Chaldia and also the seat of a mutasarrif (administration) within the vilayet of Trebizond. The region comprised approximately 200 settlements. It was named Argyroupoli in 1846 from the Turkish "Gumus-hane" which means 'silver place'. It's believed the town was settled in the latter part of the 15th century by people who arrived there to work on the local mines. The town began to flourish by the middle of the 16th century due to these mines but by the beginning of the 19th century the mining industry began to decline which led to an exodus of its population. The mines permanently ceased to operate in 1894. In 1914, the population of the region was approximately 3,000 of which 1,600 were Greeks. It was divided into 7 parishes, which apart from Livathi, were all named after their churches; St. Theodoros, St. Ioannis, tis Panayias (Virgin Mary), St. George and Timios Stavros (Holy Cross). The list below divides the region into 2 sections: Argyroupolis and Manastir. Read more on Argyroupolis here

A list of the Greek settlements of Argyroupolis (today Gümüşhane).

Τμήμα Αργυρούπολης (Argyroupolis section)

Αργυρούπολη - Argyroupoli
Αγρίδ ή Διακονά (Μούζενας) - Agrith or Diakona (of Mouzena)
Άι-Γιάννες (Νίβενας) - Ay Yiannes (of Nivena)
Άε-Μουχάλ - Ae Moukhal
Άε-Φωκάς (Μούζενας) - Ae Fokas (of Mouzena)
Αϊβαζάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Ayvazanton (of Yiaglitere)
‘Αι-Ηλίας (Γιαγλίτερες) - Ay Ilias (of Yiaglitere)
Άλμη (Δέρενας) - Almi (of Derena)
Αντωνάντων (Λερίων) - Antonanton (of Leri)
Αρταπίρ (Νίβενας) - Artapir (of Nivena)
Άτρα - Atra
Βαρενού - Varenou
Γάρεντι (Μαυραγγελί') - Garenti (of Mavrangeli)
Γαριπάντων (Μαυραγγελί') - Garipanton (of Mavrangeli)
Γετουρμάζ - Yetourmaz
Γιαούπ (Άνω Καρμούτ) - Yiaoup (of Ano(upper) Karmout)
Γιαννίκα (Νίβενας) - Yiannika (of Nivena)
Δέρενα (ομάδα χωριών) - Derena (group of villages)
Διακονά (Χάρσερας) - Diakona (of Kharsera)
Ζυγανίτα (Γαγλίτερες) - Ziganita (of Yiaglitere)
Θ(ε)αγαράντων (Λερίων) - Thagaranton (of Leri)
Θέμπεδα - Thempetha
Ίμερα - Imera
Ιψιράντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Ipsiranton (of Yiaglitere)
Καλλίστ' (Δέρενας) - Kallist (of Derena)
Κανάκ (Δέρενας) - Kanak (of Derena)
Καστρικέτα (Άνω Καρμούτ) - Kastriketa (of Ano(upper) Karmout)
Κάτω Καρμούτ - Kato(lower) Karmout
Κάσχα - Kaskha
Κιαλάντων (Δέρενας) - Kialanton (of Derena)
Κινέη Χάραβα - Kiney Kharava
Κουρή (Άνω Καρμούτ) - Kouri (of Ano(upper) Karmout)
Κουρτάντων - Kourtanton
Κυριακάντων (Λερίων) - Kiriakanton (of Leri)
Λειβάδ' - Livath
Λιβερτάντων (Λερίων) Livertanton (of Leri)
Λοντσίονος (Δέρενας) - Lontsionos (of Derena)
Λυκάστ' - Likast
Λωρία (Γιαγλίτερες) - Loria (of Yiaglitere)
Λωρία (Μούζενας) - Loria (of Mouzena)
Μάλαχα - Malakha
Μανανάντων (Νίβενας) - Manananton (of Nivena)
Μαναστήρ' (Άτρας) - Manastir (of Atra)
Μαντρία - Mantria
Μαρούφ - Marouf
Μασούρα (Μούζενας) - Masoura (of Mouzena)
Μαστοράντων (Λερίων) - Mastoranton (of Leri)
Μαστροπούλ (Άνω Καρμούτ) - Mastropoul (of Ano(upper) Karmout)
Μαχαλά - Makhala
Μουγαλτά (Μαυραγγελί') - Mougalta (of Mavrangeli)
Μουρουζάντων (Λερίων) - Mourouzanton (of Leri)
Μουσάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Mousanton (of Yiaglitere)
Νατσαράντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Natsaranton (of Yiaglitere)
Ομάλα (Χάρσερας) - Omala (of Kharsera)
Παβρετσή - Pavretsi
Παζμπέν - Pazmpen
Παλαδάντων (Μούζενας) - Paladanton (of Mouzena)
Παλαϊα - Palaia
Παρασκευάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Paraskevanton (of Yiaglitere)
Παρτί(ν) - Parti(n)
Πέντε Εκκλησίες - Pente(five) Ekklisies
Πας Μούζενα - Pas Mouzena
Ποπαδάντων (Λερίων) - Popadanton (of Leri)
Ποπαδάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Popadanton (of Yiaglitere)
Ραματανάντων (Νίβενας) - Ramatananton (of Nivena)
Ρουσίον (Γιαγλίτερες) - Rousion (of Yiaglitere)
Σαπρανάντων (Λερίων) - Saprananton (of Leri)
Σιμερά (Νίβενας) - Simera (of Nivena)
Σίσε - Sisse
Σιχτορμίν (Γιαγλίτερες) - Sikhtormin (of Yiaglitere)
Σουλαμίς - Soulamiss
Σούτονος (Άνω Καρμούτ) - Soutonos (of Ano(upper) Karmout)
Σταυρίν - Stavrin
Ταντουρλούχ - Tantourloukh
Τσερκελάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Tserkelanton (of Yiaglitere)
Τσιμερά (Μούζενας) - Tsimera (of Mouzena)
Τσογκάρ - Tsongkar
Τσολόχενα - Tsolokhena
Φαρχανάντων (Λερίων) - Farhananton (of Leri)
Χάκαξα (Μούσγουλη) - Khakaksa
Χαλκάντων - Khalkanton
Χαμά - Khama
Χάρσερα (και ομάδα χωριών) - Kharsera (and its group of villages)
Χάσκιοϊ - Khaskioy
Χάτσκαλε (Μούζενας) - Khatskalle
Χουρσούλ - Khoursoul
Χούσιλη - Khousily
Χουτουρά - Khoutoura
Χούς Χάραβα - Khous Kharava
Ψωμάντων (Κοτυλίων) - Psomanton (of Kotilion)
Ψωμάντων (Γιαγλίτερες) - Psomanton (of Yiaglitere)

Τμήμα Μαναστήρ (Manastir Section)

Αμπρικάντων - Ambrikanton
Αχτσάλ - Akhtsal
Γολή - Golli
Κορόνιξα - Koroniksa
Λετσούχ - Letsoukh
Ματσερά - Matsera
Παπαβράμ' - Papavram
Σαραντάρ - Sarandar
Φιτίανα - Fitiana
Φιτικάρ - Fitikar
Χόψα - Hopsa

This list of the Greek villages of Pontus (or villages where Greeks resided) was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) which is based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism, Christos Samouilidis, Thessaloniki 1992.

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