The province of Akdag Maden was under the administration of Angora (Ankara) and belonged to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chaldea. The population prior to 1923 was made up of 8,000 people, 5,000 of whom were Greek.


The Greek villages of Άκνταγ-Μαντέν - Akdag Maden

Άκνταγ-Μαντέν- Akdag Maden
Ακτάς - Aktas
Αλμαλίκιολου - Almalikiolou
Απτουραχμανλού - Aptourakhmanlou
Γεντίσερ - Yentiser
Γουλούπουαρ - Youloupouar
Γούρτινι - Yourtini
Γουσλάδες (Τάλαν, Ιγταλί, Αβραμάντων, Γανταμίρ ή Παυλάντων) - Youslathes (Talan, Igtali, Avramanton, Gantamir or Pavlanton)
Εβτζί - Evtzi
Καραπίρ - Karapir
Καράτζορεν - Karatzoren
Κατίκισλα - Katikisla
Κέισερι - Keiseri
Κουλόυκ - Koulouk
Κούσκαγια - Kouskayia
Ολούτζα - Oloutza
Ούτσκαγιασί - Outskayiassi
Πατσατάχ - Patsatakh
Παχτσετσίκ - Pakhtsetsik
Ποσκιούκ - Poskiouk
Σαχνέντερεσί - Sakhnenteresi
Σεκίγασι - Sekiyasi
Τάγντερε - Tagntere
Τεκέκουνεϊ - Tekekouney
Τέκντερεσί - Teknteresi
Τουργούτ - Tourgout
Τοχούζ - Tokhouz
Τσιχριτζί - Tsikhritzi
Χαλκατζί - Halkatzi
Χορμπούτς - Hormpouts

This list of the Greek villages of Pontus (or villages where Greeks resided) was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) which is based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism, Christos Samouilidis, Thessaloniki 1992.

Map below is just a guide and is hosted by an external source.


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