Rizounta, Rizous or Rizaion known today as Rize was the name of a town and also a region in the east of Pontus. Although its residents were largely Islamized, they retained the Pontic dialect, culture and traditions. From 1878 and onwards, Rize was the capital of the Ottoman sanjak of Lazistan. Prior to the first World War the population of the town was 5,000 of which 1,000 were Greeks and the remainder were Turks, while a small number of Armenians also lived there. The town was divided into five parishes: Romanou, Pasayianni (Pasyan), Rosi, Argalia and Lazou. Around Rizounta there were over 150 towns and villages. The major ones were:

Αντών - Anton
Αρων - Aron
Αργαλειός - Argaleios
Ατσάνος - Atsanos
Άτηνα - Atina
Ακρωτηρ - Akrotir
Ανσέρ - Anser
Απαντινος - Apantinos
Βάνε - Vaneh
Βάντρη - Vantri
Βαράχος - Varakhos
Βέλος - Velos
Βασάνδρα - Vasandra
Βάρδα - Vartha
Βέλκιον - Velion
Γούτος - Goutos
Γλίτσος - Glitsos
Κουλούρος - Koulouros
Κάμπος - Kampos
Καλοχώρ - Kalokhor
Κατέβα - Kateva
Κατσαράν - Katsaran
Κουγιάτ - Kuyiat
Καλωτή - Kaloti
Κοφίνα - Kofina
Κολέτσα - Koletsa
Κολιανός - Kolianos
Καλοχώραφ - Kalokhoraf
Καλομάνα - Kalomana
Μάγουλα - Magoula
Μαυροποτάμ - Mavropotam
Γούρι - Gouri
Δόσμα - Dosma
Φίλιππος - Filipos
Μολέβας - Molevas
Καπαχώρ - Kapakhor
Μαχέρα - Makhera
Αγιάννες - Ayiannes
Αιπέτρος - Aypetros
Κολονόρος - Kolonoros
Χούρτος - Khourtos
Αρκολύκος - Arkolikos
Μοιράκαλος - Mirakalos
Φελέκος - Felekos
Ράχοτ - Rakhot
Χωματίνος - Khomatinos
Τσετσέβα - Tsetseva
Γοργόρ - Gorgor
Κουκαράς - Koukaras
Κογκαλίνος - Kogkalinos
Περκάμ - Perkam
Κώμη - Komi
Φιλίρος - Filiros
Πίντος - Pintos
Μαντίλα - Mantila
Ρέτος - Retos
Σέβρος - Sevros

and others.


The list above was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism, Christos Samouilidis, Thessaloniki 1992.

Map below is just a guide and is hosted by an external source.


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