Çarşamba (Gr: Tsarsambas or Tsartsambas) was a town built on the banks of the Yeşilırmak River (Gr: Iris river) and is located approx 35km south east of Samsun, 30 km west of Terme and 45 km W-SW of Unye. It's believed the town is located on the site of ancient Themyskyra. In later years it was the seat of a kaykamlik which comprised 365 small settlements. By the end of the 19th century, there were 1,200 families living there of which 200 were Greek, 600 Turk and 400 Armenian. The Greek population numbered 1,300 and they spoke the Pontic dialect. They supported the functioning of a 6-grade boys school, a 4-grade girls school and a church. The monastery of the Prophet Ilias was also located in the region. The town was had an important trade hub which was controlled by the Greeks and Armenians. Many of the Greeks were accomplished builders, carpenters and copper-smiths.

A list of the Greek villages of ΤΣΑΡΤΣΑΜΠΑ - TSARTSAMBA

Τμήμα Τσαρτσαμπά - Section Tsartsamba

Τσαρτσαμπά - Tsartsamba
Αγατζάκινιν - Agatsakinin
Ασμάν - Asman
Γιαϊλίκερις - Yiaylikeris
Γιαγπασάν - Yiagbasan
Καμισλί κιολ - Kamislikiol
Κερπισλί - Kerpisli
Ορτούμπασι - Ortoumbasi
Πέιγενιτζε - Peiyenitse
Σαρίγιουρτ - Sariyiourt
Σιτέλ - Sitel
Τογκελούγιαταχ - Tongkelouyiatak
Τσάμαλαν - Tsamalan


Τμήμα Καζαντζιλί - Section Kazantzili

Καζαντζιλί - Kazantzili
Γιαπάνπουατζι - Yiapanpouatzi
Γοπούκ - Gopouk
Καμσί - Kamsi
Καράμπεκιρ - Karambekir
Κουζούλαγατς-κετσεγιού - Kouzoulagats-ketseyiou
Κουζουλτζάκερις - Kouzoultzakeris
Κουϊτζάκ - Kouitzak
Τανασλάρ - Tanaslar
Τενίς-τσουκουρού - Tenis-tsoukourou
Τερζέντων - Terzenton
Τσάρτσουρι - Tsartsouri
Τσινάρ - Tsinar
Χαϊντάρ - Haintar
Χιζιρλί - Hizirli

This list of the Greek villages of Pontus (or villages where Greeks resided) was compiled by the Center of Asia Minor Studies (Κέντρο Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών) which is based in Greece. The list may exclude some villages which weren't known at the time the study was completed. Source: The History of Pontian Hellenism, Christos Samouilidis, Thessaloniki 1992.

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