Kastamoni (Byzantine Kastamon) is a province in Turkey. Today it's called Kastamonu (in Turkish), but it's also referred to as Kastambol or Kastambolu. The main city of Kastamoni is Inepoli (today Inebolu ). Kastamoni is located at the base of a mountain, at which a fortress existed in the Byzantine period.   Many believe that Kastamoni was originally called 'Kastron Komneni' (Kastron - Greek for castle, Komeneni - referring to the Komnene Empire of Pontus). 

Prior to 1923 and the exchange of populations, Kastamoni had a population of 1800 Greeks. Anna Comnenos refers to Kastamoni as the ‘father city' in the book <Αλεξιαδα>. From this, many inferred that Kastamoni was the fatherland of the Komnenes. 
Source: The Encyclopaedia of Pontian Hellenism

Map of Kastamoni (Kastamonu)


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