The Cathedral of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Samsun

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The cathedral of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Greek Orthodox church of Samsun (Gr: Amisos) was a magnificent Greek church built in 1872. The neo-classical style did not resemble other Pontic churches. The church had two Italianate towers on its west facade and an onion dome. To the left of the church was a boys' school and to the right a girls' school.

According to the Anatolian Armenians facebook page, between 1926 and 1931, Ferik Kazım İnanç Pasha, the governor of Samsun and one of Atatürk's favorite colonels took office and the first thing he did, was turn the church into the Kazımpaşa cinema. As a result, it was used as a theatre, opera and open-air cinema during the summer.

In 1940, Turkish authorities decided to demolish the church and give the land to the education department. The church was subsequently looted and destroyed.

After the church was demolished, Maarif College was built and its current name is 23 Nisan Primary School.

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