Zipka: Componenets of the Traditional Male Pontic Costume

The traditional male Pontic costume is called a zipka (Gr: ζίπκα). The zipka (or sometimes, zifka) is also the name given to the trousers which forms the main part of the costume. Other parts of the costume include the vest (yelek), shirt (kamis), head-tie (pashlik) and the boot covers (mestia). The costume was sometimes worn with a number of accessories including the amulet (filakto), the watch (ora), the knife (kama), the silk belt (tropoloz), a religious emblem (engolpio) and the tobacco sack (kapnosakoulo).


 1.   Pashlik (head tie)
2.   Kamis (shirt)
3.   Filakto (amulet)
4.   Ora (watch)
5.   Yelek (vest)
6.   Kama (knife)
7.   Tropoloz (silk belt)
8.   Engolpio (religious emblem)
9.   Silaklik (belt)
10  Kapnosakoulo (tobacco pouch)
11. Zipka (trousers)
12. Mestia (boot covers)
13. Tchapoulas (boots)

Photo: Nikos Zournatzidis




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