37 Cities called "SMYRNA" in the United States

"There are twelve towns in the United States called Smyrna, probably sponsored by godfathers, who knew of the ‘tribulations' of the ancient city over which she has triumphed gloriously century after century."
-Lovejoy, Esther Pohl, M.D. Certain Samaritans. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1933. (p.141)

If Dr. Lovejoy were alive today, she would be happy to know that we have 37 cities called "Smyrna" in the United States.

-Researched and compiled by Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos

Alabama, Smyrna
Alaska, Smyrna
Arkansas, Smyrna Township
California, Smyrna
Colorado, Smyrna
Connecticut, Smyrna
Delaware, Smyrna
Florida, New Smyrna Beach
Georgia, Smyrna
Illinois, Smyrna
Indiana, Smyrna
Iowa, Smyrna
Kentucky, Smyrna
Louisiana, Smyrna
Massachusetts, Smyrna
Michigan, Smyrna
Mississippi, Smyrna
Missouri, Smyrna
Nebraska, Smyrna
New Hampshire, Smyrna
New Jersey, Smyrna
New Mexico, Smyrna
New York, Chenango, Town of Smyrna
New York, Chenango, Village of Smyrna
New York, Smyrna
North Carolina, Smyrna
Ohio, Smyrna
Oregon, New Smyrna Beach
Pennsylvania, Smyrna
Rhode Island, Smyrna
South Carolina, Smyrna
Tennessee, Smyrna
Texas, Smyrna
Virginia, Smyrna
Washington, Smyrna
West Virginia, Smyrna
Wyoming, Smyrna



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