Karipler - Καριπλέρ - Garipler

Garipler was a Greek village in Pontus located 30km from Yozgat. Its residents were immigrants from Argyroupolis. Just prior to the Greek Genocide the village consisted of 180 families. The village had a church (Saint George) and a 4 grade primary school and a 2 grade boarding school. After the exchange of populations (1923) its residents went to Greece and the majority of them settled in Kariohori in Ptolemaida in the prefecture of Kozani.

According to the Center of Asia Minor Studies the Greek villages of the Yozgat region were as follows:
- Garipler
- Kotsoglou (or Pelkavak)
- Poymoul
- Poualan
- Tsalouchlou (or Terekioy) 

Source: The Encyclopaedia of Pontian Hellenism. Malliaris Paedia.

See Google Map: Garipler

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