Narman is a town situated 28 kilometers south of Olti. Up to 1920, it was a Greek village with 850 inhabitants who originated from Santa, Kromni, Polat and other regions. After 1920, these residents moved to Greece and setttled in places such as Kokkinoxoma and Antiphilipi in Kavala (Greece), as well as Parenesti, Aidinokastro Polisiko Temenis and New Sevasteia in Drama (Greece) and also Komotini, Xanthi, Kilkis and other parts of Greece.

According to the archives of the Center of Asia Minor Studies, in 1914 Kars consisted of four administrative centers. Narman was under the administration of Olti. There were nine other villages in this administration. They were: Arsanak, Mereniz (upper and lower), Pantzarot, Posik, Partouz and Tsarmouk (upper and lower).